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Proposed life cycle for ABAP language conversions (UK to German)

Please note the below lifecycle example assumes that the SAP system along with a number of bespoke ABAP's have been developed and implemented in the UK. The requirement is for the system along with many of the bespoke developments to be deployed in Germany. 

1. UK application consultant to review the current developments required by GER.

2. Requirement submitted to the Development Team for estimating.

3. ABAP consultant to review the extension programs.

4. Development request to be authorised, prioritised and scheduled.

5. ABAP consultant to apply any required ABAP modifications.

6. German text conversions to be applied via standard utility (transaction SE63).
This task would probably be most suited to the ABAP consultant, but could be done by the UK application consultant, as it does not affect the ABAP code itself. The transaction simply requires the input of the object name (e.g. the associated program name) and it displays a list of associated texts in English with empty fields for the input of the German translations.

7. Extension to be tested by the UK application consultant.

8. Extension to be passed to GER for testing.

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