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Instant messenger for SAP

The SAP instant messenger program 'SapTALK' is a free service for the SAP environment that allows users to instantly send real time messages to each other. The first message sent displays a popup window containing the message and inviting the receiver to join conversation. Once within the conversation the users are able to send messages to each other as they would with any other instant messaging service such as MSN messenger or ICQ. See here for information and screen shots of SAP instant messenger program 'SapTALK'.

The current version of this SAP instant messenger works with SAP 4.7 and above and can be installed using the SAPLink functionality, which allows SAP applications to be packaged up into a nugget and uploaded onto any SAP system. Therefore installation is a fairly simple process by following the below steps. Alternatively you can install the saptalk instant messaging service manually by following this link.

1) Install the SAP application SAPLink
This allows users to copy SAP application between different SAP systems. If you follow this link it will show you how to install this service. Required before SapTALK can be uploaded.

2) Install the SapTALK nugget
Use the SapLink program to install the SapTALK nugget ( nugg_saptalk.nugg )

3) Create SAP Parameter ID's
Unfortunately SapLink does not upload the parameter ID's so you will need to create these manually.

4) Create a SAP Messages and its class
SapLink also does not contain the messages required for this sap instant message application so you will also need to create these manually.

5) Alternatively if for some reason the above steps did not work you can install the saptalk instant messaging service manually by following this link.

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